…Forerunner of the complex relationship between project and self-production, he has become during time relevant representative of the Italian design culture.

Being able to create an emotional thickness linked to the perception of the senses as well as look through a fresh look at the nature are important to provide appropriate solutions to ensure the right quality of life.

The research has no limit, because of the materials and the technology that have yet to arrive, and especially because of those solutions that will be possible to realize and that hopefully will surprise myself." — Makio Hasuike

The face of the project should express the richness and simplicity of wisdom. The design gestures should learn to blend themselves naturally.

The efficiency, the functionality, ergonomics, all of this is important even if no one can fall in love without the beauty.

The project must express a genuine sentiment. When this feeling is understood by the user, the emotional bond to the product becomes durable.